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The official application form, attached with the prospectus, must be completed and registered by paying the Registration fee, which is not refundable. For a child who has been to school previously and is not attending this school for the first time, a Transfer Certificate from the previous school must be furnished at the time of admission. Along with a certified copy of the Birth Certificate is also to be submitted in each case.

Admission detail

It is expected that the admission fees for the year be fully paid in advance at the time of admission/beginning of the school year. The tuition fee is to be paid quarterly in advance. Payment must be made by the due date specified from time to time. After this late payment will be charged as per the rules mentioned in the school diary. Names of children whose fees are not paid will struck off from the attendance register. Full fees will be charged to students who are withdrawn during the school year .No remission in fees will be made for a child withdrawn during the course of a year or who is absent with or without permission for any reason.

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