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What more can the school do to empower its students and help them realize their aspirations? In attempting to answer this question, Stanford came up with the ten academies, each of which will cater to particular set of interests. The academies provide Stanfordians a platform to discover and hone their abilities. Through activities, real life experiences, projects and events, the academics will empower students with life skills essential to be a leader in the modern world.


The management academy believes that management is not just an academic subject but something that one applies to everyday life. Whether it is, money, resources or people, learning to manage them should begin early on. While students will be exposed to brainstorming session by management experts, they will practically learn managerial skills through projects, tasks and events. Thus enabling them to master the art of management and empowering them to chart their success.


Nurturing the love for music and taking it to the height of passion is the goal of the music academy. Not only will the academy offer training in different genres of music but also organize musical events at the school and national level. Students will have the opportunity to learn and showcase their talent for music, thus giving them right direction, exposure and encouragement.


Bringing our Stanfordians in the spotlight is the ultimate accomplishment the academy is aiming at. By giving the opportunity to face the arc lights, perform, deliver and enthrall an audience, we aspire to build stage confidence and the ability to connect with people in our students. The academy will organize Theatre festivals, workshop and stage shows, thus bringing out the performer hidden inside every child.


To lead and guide the nation with powerful words is what our Stanfordians will learn through the intensive coaching and practice in mass communication. The academy will cater to myriad of areas in communication specifically journalism (both print & electronic) and anchoring (both radio and T.V). Take the center stage and not be mere spectators is what the students will be inspired for at the academy.


It is our moral duty to stand up and fight for just causes, to reach out to those who are less fortunate among us, and to be aware of the world around us. At the Social Cause Academy, students will actively participate in everything from planning a movement against global warming to organizing an event to raise funds for the destitute.


To laugh in every situations and create fun in every task is not a skill but an attitude towards life. The Fun & Humour academy will take up the bonus to make fun a way of life for Stanfordians, thereby bringing positive energy to the mind & body. The students will tickle the funny bone through jokes, skits and mimicry shows besides enjoying fun-filled activities on regular basis, and in the process, learn to appreciate the lighter side of Life.


For those who have passion for dance, the dance academy offers just the right forum for personal fulfillment. Here students will get exposure in various dance shows and competitions. In a way academy will prove to be the launch pad for aspiring dance artists.


To create leaders on and off the field is what the sports academy aspires for. The academy will infuse positive aggression and fire up the competitive spirit through cutting-edge training in various sports. The club members will have the privilege to attend and participate in sports events and training camps. From "team spirit" to "never quit spirit", the academy will offer just above everything a sports person needs to be winner in life.


To come up with imaginative solutions, to generate ideas, to think out of the box are skills that will take one ahead in life, whatever be one's chosen walk of life. The innovation and Creative Academy will conduct interactive sessions, activities, games and exercises so that the members will excel in creative skills and lateral thinking.


Empowering Stanfordians with the invaluable quality of courage is the goal of the Adventure Academy. Besides it will be the training ground to learn about team building, leadership and self confidence, camping, trekking and trips will be a part of this academy, the sense of adventure and the desire to explore will come as value addition

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