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Prof. Dr. Vineet Kohli


The Stanford International School, Sonepat is a co-educational residential school in India. It offers its students and staff a pristine environment for learning and developing in all spheres of life. The aim of Stanford is to open out new vistas of learning, where each student can realize his or her full potential, be it in academic, work, sports or other co-scholastic activities. As a school, we are deeply committed to fostering a caring and safe environment for our students, where they can articulate and express their views without apprehensions. They may seek support from all adults around them and evolve as caring, knowledgeable, principled young people who can take risks and succeed in all they do.

Stanford has an idyllic setting, a natural pollution-free atmosphere, to satisfy a crucial need in today's world for students to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate. Education in such and ambience is a rewarding experience.

I believe that Nations progress when they strive for excellence and people progress when they strive for the best. In their individual and collective growth is the growth of our nation, world order and mankind.

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