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The word "Career" is taken from a Latin word "Carro" which means to roll along on wheel. It is defined as the course of a person life. There is clear cut distinction between "Job" and "Career". Jobs are the building blocks from which a career is shaped. Career development involves acquiring knowledge, skills and values to make meaningful choice in the field of education, training and work. This can be facilitate by providing appropriate carrier guidance facilities in school.

A counselor first makes an inventory of various fields like

  • Leadership qualities
  • Current skill
  • Aptitude
  • Mathematical abilities
  • General awareness
  • Practical abilities

Deciding successfully what to do next depends on knowing oneself. One must become aware of one's interests, achievements, skill and abilities, strengths and weakness. Greater knowledge about oneself puts one in a stronger position to find a vocation that on will enjoy and do well. The effective career counseling and guidance facility can act as a catalyst in this complex process of decision making for career.

Role of TeachersWe

We as stanfordian teachers are key figure in the guidance programme. We work with the students and observe them during the large part of the day. We accept each pupil as he is with all his strengths and weakness and help him to improve. We will help him to understand and accept himself and that can help him in defining reasonable life goal for himself . Our school is one of the very few schools which have a counseling cell.

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